Snorting Anything is Usually a Terrible Idea

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By KathyC

More Turkey for Me

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By Unknown

Anything's Better Than That

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By TheMitz (Via Twitter)

"Whoops, Wrong Number. I'll Troi Again."

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Excuse Me While I Slip into Something More Silicone

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Via Sh*t That Siri Says

App of the Week: Must Take Green Lantern Oath to Use

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By Unknown

Thanks Benedict!

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By Unknown

But That's a Robot... Ohhhhhhh

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By bash13

Live Long and Draw Something

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By Dan Benson


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By Unknown

Clearly Having Some Problems

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By Unknown

At Least It Rhymes... No It Doesn't

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By Unknown

Thanks, Dad, Real Helpful

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By Unknown

Programmed to Love

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By Unknown

Thanks, AutoCorVT

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Via officialstevejobs

Hell Yea, Perfect Timing

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By Unknown