Racial Sensitivity Folks, Give 'Em a Hand!

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No me Gusta el Racismo

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Dating conversation fail | 's fine Today 4:07 PM 's good sheep pictures is super cute by way. Is yours? Today 4:40 PM They're friends. And she" and he not an Sorry douchebag answers, but really hate small talk and feel uninspired let my guard down and let someone if feel like just on receiving end. Today 6:15 PM no fan small talk either but honestly 's pretty difficult start conversation with complete stranger out clear blue without much go on. And o

Persistently Uninterested Tinder Match is a Bullet Dodged

Some matches weren't meant to be.
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Deep Throat

california Hall of Fame oral sex p33n - 5443588608
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A Musical PSA

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It's a Chicken

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Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll, Minus the Sex

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Part of the Problem

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Hipster Woody Loves His Instagram

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Just Listenin' to My Jams

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It's a Truly Destructive Friendship

friendship iPhones - 6813394176

Autocorrect Does Not Recognize the English Alphabet

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I Might Just Try To Save a Life JUST For This

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It's a Bonding Experience

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Duck Courtesy

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