After 12


The Best Weed He's Ever Had

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It's a Basketball Joke, Seriously!

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For When You Get the Munchies

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It's Hard to Be Sad When You're Strolling Through a Field of Weed

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I Need to Move to Denver

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Apparently You Can Get it Anywhere, Nowadays

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I'm So Hungry Man, Let's Get Some Krabby Patties

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So This Is a Bad Thing?

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Booze News About Crunk Critters: Thumper's Got the Munchies

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Man, Weed Sure Is Strong Nowadays

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How to Be the Best Weed Dealer You Can Be

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Sunday Services Are Really Mellow

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Newspapers Love Puns

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I Can Turn in Clothing for Weed?

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He Smoked All the Pots

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Just Say No

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