After 12


Finally a Use for the Recorder

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I'm Also Trying to Figure Out How You Get So Angry...

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2 Chainz Smokes a Gold Covered Joint!

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What Does Marijuana Legalization Mean for the US?

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A Fact of Life

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Smoking a Bluntasaurus

or would you call this a bronto-blunt?
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Oh the Irony of a Van Filled With Cannabis Candies Up in Flames on a Highway

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Fantastic! Now Where's the Automated Appetite Enhancer?

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It Helps You Tolerate the Lines for Space Mountain

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Willie Nelson Is Selling His Own Strand of Weed

smoke willie's weed, trust me.
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Marijuana Is a Hell of a Drug

dwight interviews jim about marijuana
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The Most Delicious Spreadable Edible

The Most Delicious Spreadable Edible
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Time to See Your Dealer

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Don't Worry She's Just on Medical

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The Chillest Iguana

the mariguana is the highest reptile
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The Scientific Term for Bong Water

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