After 12


This Makes So Much Sense

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The Sexiest Lady Ever

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Happy 4/20 From Carl Sagan!

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Dammit, I'm All Potted Up

those damn kids, all potted up.
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The Best Logic Is High Logic

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Fool Proof Marijuana Detection

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Meeckey! Thees Ees-a Some-a Good Booze!

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Hooray for Weed

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Good Weed and Good Vibes Gets You Rides

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Kush Jenkins Leaves People Weed Who Visit the Library

Some people really know college students need weed
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Ex-Cops Smoking Weed!

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Weed: Not Even Once

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Ever Been So High You Thought Doorknobs Were Food?

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Saying No to Weed Has Never Been So Radical

drugs aren't cool, but this is.
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Is That A Yes or A No?

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How Does Sarah Silverman Keep Herself Entertained at the Emmys? With Liquid THC

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