After 12


Happens EVERY Time!

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This Car Is Ready to Blaze It

420 funny license plate weed - 8343296256
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This is Your Face on Drugs

funny win image guy faceswaps with weed
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The Only Way to Fly

who doesn't love these two things?
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That Is So Many Blunts...

snoop dog smokes a lot of weed
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Smoke Up And Set Sail

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The Bible Didn't Say Anything About NOT Smoking Weed...

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He is... The Most Worst Drug Dealer in the World

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The Scientific Term for Bong Water

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The Land of Awesome

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These Are Cool and Awesome!

wtf drugs just say no weed funny - 8301930240
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Willie Nelson Is Selling His Own Strand of Weed

smoke willie's weed, trust me.
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cops weed funny Video - 70427137

Ex-Cops Smoking Weed!

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drugs jimmy kimmel funny politics Video weed - 65036545

A Pot Quiz About Politics

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grandma weed funny Video - 66365441

Adorable Grannies Try Weed for the First Time, Immediately Break Into a Giggle Fit

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Weed There Are No Hangovers

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