After 12


They Wanted Weed, They Got Blow

some federal judge is being paid by the beer industry
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Sure He's Happy Because They "Caught the Bad Guys"

dutch cops love weed
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Dino Dime Bags

after 12 childhood dinosaurs high smoking weed - 5506143744
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LEGO Knows It's a Palm Leaf

lego weed funny after 12 g rated - 8386269952
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That Horned Horse Is Super High

horse funny high weed after 12 - 8345848576
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Is That A Yes or A No?

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Pro Tip: Don't Hide Your Weed in a Container Marked "Not Weed"

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Just Say No

gay marijuana pot weed - 6238045440
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Dammit, I'm All Potted Up

those damn kids, all potted up.
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The Calculator Has Spoken

calculator drugs funny weed - 8343586560
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Billy, Your Grandma Always Seems So...Chill

umbrella drugs weed funny - 8382986752
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Key and Peele drugs weed funny Video - 67408897

Man, Weed Sure Is Strong Nowadays

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The Condensed Version

drugs happiness rules smoking weed - 5672253696
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Where There's a Will, There's a Way, People!

420 bong Hall of Fame marijuana taco bell weed - 6100193024
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Are You Stoned Right Now?

stoned high quiz drugs weed - 8319303936
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Studies Show Nothing Has Changed

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