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That's What Weed Feels Like? SIGN ME UP!

Honestly, it's even better.
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George Washington Was Pretty Damn High

He grew some potent hemp
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The Most Important Meal of the Day

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"Mommy, Can We Have Pizza for Dinner Again?"

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Know What Your Dollars Should Be Used For

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The Only Movie You Need to Watch for St. Patrick's Day

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Booze News About Crunk Critters: Thumper's Got the Munchies

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We All Have That One Friend...

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Fool Proof Marijuana Detection

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The Only Way to Fly

who doesn't love these two things?
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Whoa, Bruh...Mind Blown

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Waka Flocka Wants to Hire a Blunt Roller for 50K a Year

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This Car Is Ready to Blaze It

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And Granny Hits the Bong

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Fox News Mistakes Guy Smoking a Bowl for Being on a Cellphone

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Trust Me It's Just as Good as Weed

marijuana is almost as good as sleep deprivation