After 12


Menthols Only

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Smoking a Bluntasaurus

or would you call this a bronto-blunt?
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I'm Good to Go, Brah

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Saying No to Weed Has Never Been So Radical

drugs aren't cool, but this is.
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Not Cigarettes, Bro

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He Was Undertaken By the Aroma

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He is... The Most Worst Drug Dealer in the World

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Someone Did Some Serious Grocery Shopping

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She's a Giant Disappointment

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Know What Your Dollars Should Be Used For

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The Best Logic Is High Logic

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Hit It But Don't Quit It

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Pro Tip: Don't Hide Your Weed in a Container Marked "Not Weed"

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In Canclusion...

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Time to See Your Dealer

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Get Ready For a Visit From the Info Police (Relax, They're Cool)

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