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Oh PLEASEEEE Tele Me Morrrrrrrrr

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You Would Eat the Evidence, of Course

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Happens EVERY Time!

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Hit It But Don't Quit It

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That Is an Incredible Mask

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Ex-Cops Smoking Weed!

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Police Burn 3 Ton Pile of Weed, Entire Neighborhood Gets High

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Need a Snack to Go With Your 420 Celebrations?

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Decisions, Decisions

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You Don't Want to Do the Weed

weed does terrible things to you
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Willie Nelson Is Selling His Own Strand of Weed

smoke willie's weed, trust me.
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This Is Why I Read

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He Smoked All the Pots

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Chillin' in the Hundred Acre Hood

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Marge Is a Total Pothead

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How to Be the Best Weed Dealer You Can Be

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