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The Best Kind Of Green Card

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Wait, What Sort of Plant Is That?

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Weed Makes You Do Terrible Things

please don't listen to weed
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Amazon Always Has What I Need

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Think She Smokes?

that's a hell of a weed jumpsuit
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Lelelelelololol Fuor Twenny Smko WEAD 4 LYFE

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Get as High as You Want Just Please Be Courteous

weed smokers need to be courteous
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You Don't Want to Get Fat Do You?

marijuana is a terrible drug
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Just Rolling a Sugary Blunt

rolling up a fruit roll up blunt
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How Else Would You Guard Your Weed Fields

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Trust Me It's Just as Good as Weed

marijuana is almost as good as sleep deprivation
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Police Burn 3 Ton Pile of Weed, Entire Neighborhood Gets High

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They Wanted Weed, They Got Blow

some federal judge is being paid by the beer industry
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Down That Path Lies Madness And Munchies

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Moses and the Burning Kush

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Cheetos. Not Even Once.

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