After 12


Vaping Can Have Some Serious Costs

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It's Totally Cool, Bro.

he lost the ball, but the weed helps
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Oh My God, You Dropped the Weed?

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Chillin' in the Hundred Acre Hood

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That's One Way To Do Business

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Internet Said It

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Sorry, Mom

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Raise the Periscope and Light the Bowl

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How Considerate of Your Son

your son always uses air-freshener
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I'd Bet People That Live There Are Happier

unless you like cops, don't smoke weed in 46 of the 40 states
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Time to See Your Dealer

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How to Make a Good Party

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Amazon Always Has What I Need

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Weed: Not Even Once

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Down That Path Lies Madness And Munchies

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What the Hell? This Bucket Sucks!

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