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Weed: Not Even Once

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The Icing Isn't The Only "Special" Thing About This Cake

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just pass your mom the bong
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Good Weed and Good Vibes Gets You Rides

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So That's How You Get All Potted Up!

good instructions for smoking pot
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Happy 4/20 From Carl Sagan!

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Willie Nelson Knows the Dangers of Marijuana

marijuana bill maher true story weed - 8372299776
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Time to See Your Dealer

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What a Buzzkill

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420 Protester in Australia Gets Arrested and His Girlfriend Gets Interviewed

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420 weed - 40692993

Lelelelelololol Fuor Twenny Smko WEAD 4 LYFE

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They Got Their Point Across

always marilize the leguana
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Someone Has a Horrible Dealer

funny idiots weed toke - 8357237760
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I'm Not Sure That's How You Do the Dope

syringes filled with weed
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We All Have That One Friend...

420 after 12 college humor marijuana pot smoke weed - 6138029568
By Unknown
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Taking the Knockout Challenge

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