Monday Thru Friday

At Least They're Honest

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Spacing is Important

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Now Playing in the Theater of the Mind

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I Knew It! My Job is Hell

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How Much Do a Nickel and Dime Weigh?

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Morgan Freeman Does a Dramatic Reading of the New Oxford English Dictionary Entries

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Happy Monday! Hope You're Super Duper Excited to Be Back at Work!

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This Should Make for an Awkward Ride

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Undercover Manager

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Pac-Manic Mondays

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Funny Wojak comic memes, my parents at age 29, dank memes, self-deprecating memes, immaturity, irresponsible | Trad girl and Yes Chad My parents at age 27 having baby yes at age 27 im baby lol | My parents at age 29 Let's have baby Yes at age 29 going eat this pill found on ground

23 Dank & Self-Deprecating 'My Parents At Age 29' Memes

Oh, the disappointment.
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So, Where Do You Work?

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Yeah They're REALLY Dry

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The First Fan to Try the $100,000 Goal Promotion Makes it Look Easy

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