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sad, painful and unhappy facts | SmallAndScarred 5 days ago Bus seats are designed so cannot tell dirty they really are.

Un-Fun Facts to Quote Around Respected Colleagues

Be that person everyone thinks is dark and weird!
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Just back away slowly...

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Weeding Out the Incompetent

hiring job ad skills - 4846594816
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Sometimes Photos Just Aren't Necesssary

soda menu Photo monday thru friday pop unnecessary - 8303074560
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Oh Snap, It's On Fo' Rill!!!

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Another Argument For Open Offices

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I Learned It's Not Really What It's All About

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The Right Name for the Job

McDonald's burger king fast food monday thru friday g rated - 7701594368

This can't be legal...

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Cubicle Warefare

cubicle Office - 5882424320
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The Importance of Workplace Diversity

racism - 4754108928

I'm Sick of Doing Your Job for You, Bulldozer!

bulldozer dirt - 6769726720

Memebase: With No Apologies to Jim Lehrer

america Mitt Romney obama PBS - 6637059072
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That'll Buff Out...

car accident monday thru friday g rated - 6850394368
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Caption Contest!

caption desk rage - 4391424256


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