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Nothing to See Here, Just a Boatload of Condoms for Me and the Missus, Move Along

accidental sexy condoms rage comic Walmart - 5299866112

It's Quite Versatile

foam - 7147813632
Created by Unknown

One Irish Bar's Solution to Bathroom Graffiti is Equal Parts Clever and Fun

win image irish bar solves bathroom graffiti solution with child's toy
Via Salt House
brian williams NBC Music - 53326849

Brian Williams Raps Young MC's "Bust a Move"

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Dear Sir or Mammoth

g rated interview job application job hunt monday thru friday resume - 6276271872
Via Zero Mayhem
bored at work non sequitur work distraction nswd procrastination productivity Video - 42228481

Non Sequitur Work Distraction of the Week: Procrastinate at Work by Watching This Video on Procrastination

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'Cuts' Bathroom Time Down By Over 50%

Hall of Fame metal toilet paper - 5922021632
Created by Unknown

Puns Are Delicious

puns monday thru friday restaurant sign g rated - 8335031296
Via Acid Cow

What Kind of Store is This?

monday thru friday sign retail work fire extinguisher - 8152256256
Via Dump a Day

Monday Memes

breakroom gandalf Memes pizza theft - 5013725184
Created by Brian Zakrajsek
sports job lyft driving football Video - 83251201

Gronk Went Undercover as a Lyft Driver and Honestly It Might Have Been a Fun Ride (Minus all the Tom Brady Talk)

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Every time you turn on a light, let it be a celebration!

office swag - 5680491008
Created by Unknown

I Promise Yours Won't Look Like This

technician - 6360820480
Created by asimons04

Time Travel As a Plot Device Works Here

hp time travel - 5777205504
Created by Unknown

Flying Time is Spreadsheet Time

planes flying monday thru friday g rated - 7844745472
Created by Unknown

Just Like the Rest of Your Office's 20-Year-Old Technology...

monday thru friday work computer obsolete g rated - 8093487104
Via Kiyiko
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