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Layovers Can Make Traveling Annoying, But Having to Wait 47-Years Between Flights Got the Attention of the Best Customer Service Rep You Could Have Asked For

win travel booked with 47 year layover got the response of the best Skyscanner customer service rep
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If the Customer Still Gives You a 3-Star Rating, Your Product Must Be Orgasmic. Win!

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strange customers seen by drive-thru employees | MomoPeachBear 15.1k points 14 hours ago 3 Only worked drive-through year but weirdest thing saw an alpaca minivan. They asked at window if they could order some apple slices alpaca just gave them two packs on house.

The Weirdest Things Drive-Thru Employees Saw

Customers are strange.
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Setting Measurable Goals and Objec

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Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

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Take a Moment to Live Vicariously Through These People Who Were Willing to Get Fired for Standing up to a Bad Customer

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Customer: Served

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Standard Procedure

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wendys twitter

Wendy's Grills Unsatisfied Customer to Such an Extent, He Goes and Deletes His Twitter Account

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After a Night of Clubbing, One Drunken-Girl Tested the Boundaries of Great Customer Service

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This Customer Had Expectations!

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Walmart employees describe the strangest things they've witnessed while on the job | gigashadow89 6y My favorite guy who came and said lost remote so need new tv asked him if tv broken wasn't, he just lost remote and didn't want bother finding so he wanted new tv showed him our selection universal remotes he responded with "but then l'd have program new tv comes with preprogrammed remote So sold guy 50 inch tv.

Weirdest Things Walmart Employees Witnessed

Walmart is a magnet for the strange.
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This 4-Year-Old is a Way Better Call Center Rep Than You Would Be

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Finding a Worm in a Salad Quickly Escalated into a Customer Service Story of Excellence

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customer service We Hope That Helps

"We Hope That Helps" is the Customer Service That Facebook Pages Need

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Saliva and Thinly Veiled Resentment Are Two Things Robots Can't Make

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