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The Expensive Doorstopper

computer g rated imac mac macbook monday thru friday monitor - 6014767616
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But Can It Warm Food?

computer microwave - 5907838464
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That One Coworker...

monday thru friday work technology computer - 8139539968
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Better Buy a Lotto Ticket Now!

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boredom broke broken busted computer cubicle boredom cubicle fail cubicle rage depressing derp dumb ergonomics escape FAIL hardware independence day key keyboard lame missing passive aggressive rage sass stupid trashed wiseass work smarter not harder - 3673973760
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Now this Computer Hates FIREFox

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You Probably Have the Parts to Make This Lying Around

monday thru friday christmas decoration computer wreath g rated - 8399296256
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Their Holiday Decorating Budget Was Kind of Small

monday thru friday christmas retail christmas tree decoration computer - 8380616448
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Now I'm the Unpaid IT Guy of the Family

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Someone Lacks Either Ambition or Imagination

monday thru friday desktop work background computer - 8085050624
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Your Software Is Ridiculing You

computer piracy - 4861496320
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Things IT People Never Say

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Everyone Is Vying for the Silicon Throne

work game of thrones computer Everyone Is Vying for the Silicon Throne
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Why Don't You Get It? I Just Want It Fast, Like Yours, and I Don't Want to Pay Anything

comic computer rage comic speed Tech tech support - 5219592704

In Case You Have a Bunch of CRTs Lying Around...

monday thru friday monitor computer crt g rated - 8426622720
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