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What If I Have To Use The Restroom?

asia computer Office scary - 4638023680
Created by Snake73

What Really Goes On

computer g rated Hall of Fame monday thru friday printer - 5901799936
Created by Unknown

A Day In The Life

awesome bathroom breakfast Chart computer fap toilet work - 4527084288
Created by Unknown

My Computer Just Had a Heart Attack Looking At This

horrible computer monday thru friday g rated - 7082774784
Created by Unknown

Their Holiday Decorating Budget Was Kind of Small

monday thru friday christmas retail christmas tree decoration computer - 8380616448
Via Izismile

A Creative Way to Goof Off at Work

monday thru friday fly computer g rated - 8273761024
Via TheTwist

Top of the Line Setup

cable computer monday thru friday work - 8154107136

It's The Computer, Duh

computer Hall of Fame rage comic tech support - 5976837120
Created by Unknown

"Excuse Me, Could You Point Me to the Office Building's ESC Routes?"

computer keyboard - 6165183488
Created by Unknown

The Question You Ask Yourself Every Day at Work

computer monday thru friday typo - 8343726336
Via Izismile

We Are Tired of Cleaning the Keyboards

computer monday thru friday sign work - 8166902528
Via wonderfulmeg

A Great Use For Your Old Tower

coffee coffee machine computer tower - 5986897664
Created by Unknown

But Can It Warm Food?

computer microwave - 5907838464
Created by Unknown

That One Coworker...

monday thru friday work technology computer - 8139539968
Via surfeurdargent

That's Not Very Happy

computer error funny terminal - 4301136128
Created by Unknown

I Swear This Thing is Out to Get Me!

computer gifs rage - 6549364224
Created by Unknown
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