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The Expensive Doorstopper

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What Kids Do When They Run Off While Shopping

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Word Processors? Oh Right, We Have Those...

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Look at All the Adapters I Found in the Supply Closet!

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Me Too, Bro. Me Too.

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Why Don't You Stop Mentioning It

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Computers Have Become Crankier Since the 80s

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Tech Support, in its Natural Posture

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When Turning It Off And On Doesn't Work

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What Really Goes On

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customer realizes they've been scammed 6 years later | u/kingsooraj 7 hours ago TIFU by realising got scammed 6 years ago M So this happened 6 years ago. My laptop with 8 GB RAM stopped working so showed repair guy. He took laptop, repaired and returned after 2 days laptop started working again and really happy. However speed felt slower than before. Previously could open multiple chrom tabs and still be able play games while they were open but now would drop lot frames and my laptop would start

Customer Realizes They Were Scammed 6 Years Later

Better late than never?
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Justifiable Brutality

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Office Detritus

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This Is Why We Don't Have SexyTime at the Computer

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