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Now Hiring: New Intern for Coffee Runs

skateboarding FAIL coffee high five - 7862020352
Created by Unknown

I'll Just Stare at it Until It's Done

coffee monday thru friday mug work g rated - 8081910272
Created by Unknown

Where Can I Get One For My Car?

monday thru friday history coffee maker cars coffee - 8202531328
Via classiccult

The Eternal Debate

coffee coffee maker monday thru friday work note g rated - 8143467008
Via Acid Cow

May I Hold Your Attention?

coffee laptop smartphone - 6106687488
Created by nubidu ( Via Hack a Day )

The Manners Discount

manners please coffee good morning monday thru friday g rated - 6972571392
Created by Unknown

Still Better Than Misspelling "Ian"

barista coffee monday thru friday Starbucks g rated - 8263024640
Via somewisdom


addiction barf basic instructions boredom clever coffee creamer creativity in the workplace cubicle prank decoration food fridge politics gross hand sanitizer kitchen lube office kitchen paper signs prank pump sass screw you signage warning wiseass - 3772836864
Created by Unknown

The Real Golden Rule

monday thru friday coffee - 8196975104
Via starbuckssecret

I Don't Have a Problem SHUT UP

addicted coffee monday thru friday g rated - 7132451328
Created by Unknown

It's Super Effective!

monday thru friday sign coffee g rated - 8397595904
Via Bennybennerson

Just Give It Some Time

mugs coffee - 7150112512
Created by Unknown

Just in case you're exceptionally tired when you wake up

caffeine coffee - 5701304832
Created by Unknown

That's About How I Feel Before My Morning Cup

coffee creamer mug personification - 4239726592
Created by Unknown


awesome co-workers not basic instructions coffee coffee pot cubicle rage depressing dickhead co-workers dickheads fridge battle fridge politics lazy movie quote office kitchen paper signs passive aggressive pulp fiction quote rage rude Sad sass screw you signage slovenly work smarter not harder - 3670648576
Created by Unknown

This Is A Cow Free Workplace

coffee cow milk - 4680356864
Created by indyfuse
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