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Anything, Eh?

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Some Impossible Overtime

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You Think Your Job Training Was Crappy?

You Think Your Job Training Was Crappy?
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Our Logic is Flawless

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funny memes, dank memes, shitposts, stupid memes, 2020 memes, relatable memes, quarantine, work | And winner this year's award worst nest ever goes pigeon sitting next to an egg surrounded by some sticks | OVERCONFIDENT FLYING FISH DID ESCAPED PREDATORS HAVE EVOLVED! BIRDS: Conceited reaction

Dankalicious Memes For Killing Precious Time

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Oh Are We Live? The Best of March's News FAILs and Bloopers

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silly and stupid puns | normal-horoscopes TEEN HORSE GIRL MOVIE WHERE HORSE DIES AN HOUR AND SECOND HALF IS GIRL LEARNING OCCULT SCIENCE REANIMATE SO SHE CAN WIN BIG DERBY hombredeflorida Necroprancer normal-horoscopes TAGLINE CANT BEAT THIS DEAD HORSE Source: normal-horoscopes #HORRIBLE LAUGH 121,487 notes

A Barrel of Puns to Dive Into

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Every Monday

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OMG Liek I Hav NOO Idea!

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Those Mysterious Paper Jams Aren't Just a Coincidence...

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Key to Employment: Muppets

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Is It Just Me, Or Does Walmart's New Mac 'n' Cheese Dinner Package Look Like Food Straight Out of a Post-Apocalyptic Novel?

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The Ideal Resume

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When It's Just Too Hot For Those Uniforms

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