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Green Means Go, Red Means Stop

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Classic: You Think Your Work Sucks?

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Created by Snake73

Dollar, You're Not My Wife

dollars money - 7240293888

Together We Ride!

birds - 7928221696

Funny, But I Need to Park My Bike Now

monday thru friday work g rated - 8135437312
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Defying the Laws of the Universe One Plug At a Time

Hall of Fame - 5848847616


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Created by RhysBB
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Does the Warranty Cover Accidental Damage?

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The Real Golden Rule

monday thru friday coffee - 8196975104
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You Have to Go Even Slower When They Stop Working?

monday thru friday sign contradiction road work road signs speed limit g rated - 8292789248
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Reworked: Teacher's Aren't Always Right

McDonald's airplanes fast food - 7684187136

Why Do These Stores Want Me to Feel Like a Creeper?

Awkward bathroom underwear fail nation g rated - 7151460864
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