Nerdy Tweets WIN

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wholesome twitter story about Keanu Reeves at Sydney movie theater.

Dude's Wholesome Keanu Reeves Story Is So On-Brand It Hurts

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Live Tweeting of the Day: Patton Oswalt Gave a Better Performance than any Candidate at the GOP Debate

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Artist over shares on facebook for the whole world to see

Man Shares Public Facebook Account With the World, All Hell Breaks Loose

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FAIL reactions makeup trends twitter wtf - 1177861

Teen Draws 'Dick-Liner' on Her Face to Poke Fun at Makeup Trends, Ends up Igniting Bizarre Movement

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twitter adoption kid cute reactions - 1283845

Toddler Reacts to Getting Adopted and It's Got the Internet in Tears Right Now

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Proof That Single-Mom's Can Do it All

funny twitter image mom joke at it's best
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twitter Game of Thrones Memes funny - 792325

Here's Some of the Best Twitter Reactions to That Big Jon Snow Reveal

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10/10 Perfect Impression

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Not Wrong

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old man searching for fishing mate online

Aussie Grandfather Posts an ad for a 'Fishing Mate' and the World's Reaction is Heartwarming.

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hot dog twitter list australia food - 963589

The Future of Food is Now: Ready Your Body For #HamDog

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Funny random tweets, twitter memes, clever tweets, creative | Angie B @Angibangie Tilda Swinton is last person on Earth, having solely survived apocalypse tumbleweed rolls by. She picks up and eats Delicious she says, as she gets down on all fours then gallops into night.

28 Tweets Filled With Short & Sweet Humor

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The First 9 Months Are the Worst on the Host Though

funny parenting image man texts parasite metaphor to announce pregnancy
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A Girl's Sweet Interaction With Her Little Brother Led to Many Others Sharing Stories of How Their Siblings Show Love

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twitter cancer Video g rated win - 57736961

The Story of a Cancer Patient, Told in the Most Heartbreakingly Beautiful Tweets You'll Ever See

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