Artist over shares on facebook for the whole world to see

Man Shares Public Facebook Account With the World, All Hell Breaks Loose

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twitter pizza - 605189

Dude in the UK Got a Phone Company to Give Him Free Pizza for a Year

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Hello... Which One of Me Are You Looking For?

Hello... Which One of Me Are You Looking For?
Via @TomWinkler06

William Shatner Fires Back at the WBC

burn Star Trek twitter Westboro Baptist Church failbook - 8224890112
Via @williamshatner

Clever Census Tweet WIN

kelis milkshake twitter - 5053890048
By Unknown
surfing dogs

Parade of the Day: The Rose Parade Has a Float With Surfing Dogs — Yes, Surfing Dogs

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twitter planet earth snow fox - 1214469

People Couldn't Help but Relate to This Fox Diving Headfirst Into Snow

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Pokémon twitter list pokemon go live tweet - 860933

Girl Live-Tweets Pokémon GO Players Battling for a Gym in the Ocean

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From Casual Advice to Firing Shots, Burger King and Wendy's Got Heated on Twitter

funny twitter fight Burger King and Wendys get heated on social media
Via @Wendys & @BurgerKing
people photoshopped into dogs

"You Are Dog Now" is a Hilarious Twitter Account That Will Happily Find Your Dog Doppelgänger

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The Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida Just Banned Donald Trump From Entering the City Over Twitter

social media win mayor bans Donald Trump from florida city after Trump's remarks
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Twitter Interactions Between Celebrities Don't Get Much More Gloriously Phallic Than This

Via @Sethrogen

Khloé Kardashian's Patience Snaps After Tweeting a Supportive Message About Boyfriend James Harden's Basketball Game

Khloé Kardashian has a twitter feud with haters after she tweets support to James Harden's NBA team
Via @khloekardashian

Parisians Are Upset That Their New Art Installation Looks a Little Like... Something Else

art accidental sexy twitter failbook - 8351244288
Via worldwidewade
twitter list celeb - 831749

That Time a Simple Bagel Got to Meet Bo Burnham

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twitter the price is right reaction Video win - 1043205

Three People Just Made History on 'The Price is Right' and the Internet is Happy For Them

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