This Twitter Battle Between Very Lonely Luke and Emo Kylo Ren Takes the Cake

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Chelsea Handler Wants Us All to Know Her Blunt and Cheeky Thought on Trump

funny political tweet chelsea handler calls donald trump a butt hole
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A Twitter thread about the brain's reaction to long term stress situations | Alexis Rockley @alexisrockley Let be clear thread Those "all over place" feelings been having? They are symptoms stress, NOT personal failures yours.

Twitter Thread: The Brain's Response To Long Term Stress

These are tumultuous times.
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911 twitter emergency list - 829445

Ever Imagined What Would Happen If A Dog Called 911? This Guy Did...

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Clever Tweet WIN

clever name nerdgasm Pokémon response sega twitter video games - 5531632128
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You Da Man, Kyle

kyle comes in clutch with milk for cereal
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kanye west is tracy jordan

Kanye West Is Basically Tracy Jordan From 30 Rock, and All It Takes Is Adding "Liz Lemon" to Whatever He Says

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Khloé Kardashian's Patience Snaps After Tweeting a Supportive Message About Boyfriend James Harden's Basketball Game

Khloé Kardashian has a twitter feud with haters after she tweets support to James Harden's NBA team
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Man returns a lost wallet through sending messages in transactions | Tim Cameron Follow @Timcammm just lost my wallet on way home work didn't have much identifying info there so good Samaritan got touch with my via my bank account 4x transfers 0.01 each with reference up 18 chars

Man Returns Lost Wallet By Sending Messages Through Transactions

The world isn't a totally bad place after all.
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If There Was a Pie Chart For This, It'd Be So Tasty

If There Was a Pie Chart For This, It'd Be So Tasty
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tom holland twitter DC superheroes Spider-Man win - 1177093

Tom Holland Melts Hearts Everywhere After Visiting NY Hospital Dressed Up as Spider-Man

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William Shatner Fires Back at the WBC

burn Star Trek twitter Westboro Baptist Church failbook - 8224890112
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twitter sports FAIL list baseball - 667141

Game 1 of the World Series Happened Last Night and Naturally Everyone Took to the Internet

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twitter mannequin Video - 83541761

Mannequin of the Day: This Black Lives Matter Mannequin Challenge Will Move You

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racism instagram twitter soccer win - 60468225

This Soccer Player Responds Perfectly to a Racist Crowd

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the salmon canon

The Salmon Cannon: Catapulting Fish and People's Dreams Into The Future

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