Man returns a lost wallet through sending messages in transactions | Tim Cameron Follow @Timcammm just lost my wallet on way home work didn't have much identifying info there so good Samaritan got touch with my via my bank account 4x transfers 0.01 each with reference up 18 chars

Man Returns Lost Wallet By Sending Messages Through Transactions

The world isn't a totally bad place after all.
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twitter post its Subway election win new york city - 1131525

People in New York Are Using Post It Notes in the Subway as Therapy After This Election

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Funny trending movie memes, misquotes, miscaptions, movie stills, funny memes | well, Master Wayne suppose this is Batman Begins Alfred the butler | Put Matrix on phone, tell him blow Neo Keanu Reeves

28 Dumb Yet Satisfying 'Movie Title In Movie Lines' Memes

He didn't say that!
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twitter list celeb - 831749

That Time a Simple Bagel Got to Meet Bo Burnham

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twitter ufc tweet ronda rousey Video win - 402180

34 Seconds is All Ronda Rousey Needs to Win This UFC Fight

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The Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida Just Banned Donald Trump From Entering the City Over Twitter

social media win mayor bans Donald Trump from florida city after Trump's remarks
Via @Kriseman
twitter list donald trump Hillary Clinton reactions - 823045

Twitter Had a Meltdown After Hillary Sent That "Delete Your Account" Tweet, Here Are Some of the Best Reactions

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A Standing Ovation

twitter parenting - 8804767488
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This Soccer Club Had the Perfect One-Touch Homophobic Shut-Down of 2016

funny facebook image soccer club shuts down homophobe with one-word response
Via @ginjadave

One British Man Was Clever Enough to Write This Note and Bribe the Parking Warden to Avoid a Ticket

funny social media win man leaves note and bribe to avoid parking ticket
Via @Twangeee

Nerdy Tweets WIN

internet nerdgasm tweets twitter - 4437458432
old man searching for fishing mate online

Aussie Grandfather Posts an ad for a 'Fishing Mate' and the World's Reaction is Heartwarming.

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Any Excuse Will Do for Them


Laying Down the Sass WIN

cnn Anderson Cooper twitter tweet - 6791949824
By Unknown
twitter list live tweet dating - 803333

Forget R. Kelly, This Guy Was Actually Trapped in a Closet and Live Tweeted His Escape

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fashion photoshop lebron james list instagram twitter - 700677

LeBron James Posted a Picture of His Fashionable Coat and The Internet Let Him Know What It Reminded Them Of

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