Book Sculpture WIN

art book books butterfly library fetish reading reading is sexy sculpture - 5646821120
Via David Kracov

Grumpy Bust WIN

art sculpture Memes Grumpy Cat bust - 6926067968
Via Cubicle Bot

Snow-Monster WIN

dragon snow sculpture nerdgasm - 7062321920
By Unknown

Crayon Fire Sculpture WIN

art crayon installation sculpture - 5311949312
Via Colossal

The Mind-Bending Sculptures of Li Hongbo

art design gifs sculpture - 8306979328
Via iBleedorange

Optimus Ice WIN

ice nerdgasm optimus prime sculpture transformers - 5091567360
By Unknown

Watermelon Prime WIN

carving food nerdgasm optimus prime sculpture - 5042173952
By Unknown


penis sand sculpture - 4160225792
By Unknown

Sculpture of the Day: "Threshold" is a Sculpture That Looks Like Three Different Numbers Depending on the Viewing Angle

IRL perspective sculpture - 8228169472
Via Creative Review

Sand Couch WIN

beach couch relaxing sand sculpture - 6015715840
By Unknown

These Look Like Ordinary Papers, but When You See it...

art mind blown illusion sculpture - 8004146176
Via Colossal

Snow Sculpture WIN

awesome sculpture sharks snow winter Winter Wonderland - 4845774592
By Snake73

What is Up With Adam Tran's Origami Sorcery?!

Via Colossal

Lego Art WIN

art awesome lego sculpture - 4775024384
By sixonefive72

The Wind Makes This Kinetic Sculpture Come to Life

wind art sculpture design nifty - 8350077184
Via Colossal

Dino Sculpture WIN

art dinosaur political sculpture - 5199648768
Via reddit