Balloon Tank WIN

art Balloons design sculpture tank war - 5733109504
Via Flavorwire

Completely Relevant News: Scrap Parts Into Autobots WIN

art awesome DIY scrap sculpture - 4849724672
Created by Unknown

Toothpick Fort WIN

art fort model sculpture toothpick - 5680579328
Created by danguerra
art sculpture mind blown design paper Video - 47337729

Paper Sculpture WIN

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Watch Out for its Frost Breath!

dragon snow sculpture nerdgasm winter - 8422963200
Via umth

Growing a Car WIN

art cars design growth park sculpture - 6566592256
Created by Unknown

A Unified Theory of Sand Sculptures

sculpture beach albert einstein - 8294183680
Via Acid Cow
light message poem sculpture shadow time Video - 27044865

Light Poem WIN

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Coin Stack WIN

cash coin currency money sculpture stacking tower - 5204008960
Created by DoomsdayHorror

Light Installation WIN

art sculpture light installation - 7312163584
Created by Unknown

Contraption WIN

art balloon contraption sculpture Steampunk tower - 5271801088
Created by sixonefive72

Les Voyageurs WIN

art sculpture - 5464516352
Via Colossal

Sand Sculpture WIN

beach sand sand castle sand sculpture sculpture skull summer - 5091568128
Created by Unknown

Literal WIN

food literal meat pig sculpture weird - 5286104576
Created by Unknown

Snow Scene WIN

calvin and hobbes g rated monster sculpture snow snowman win winter - 5733068544
Via Supergreat

Things Get Magical at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

art design garden sculpture - 8197346816
Via Laughing Squid