Literal WIN

food literal meat pig sculpture weird - 5286104576
By Unknown

Ice City WIN

city ice pretty colors sculpture - 5812932352
Via Laughing Squid

Snow Bunny WIN

snow man sculpture design cute bunny - 6855204096
Via Reddit

Dino Sculpture WIN

art dinosaur political sculpture - 5199648768
Via reddit
science sculpture toy Video - 40464385

Kinetic Lights WIN

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light message poem sculpture shadow time Video - 27044865

Light Poem WIN

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Scrap Metal Beast WIN

animals art recycle scrap metal sculpture - 5813309184
Via Colossal

Page-Turner WIN

art book books hand library fetish modification paper reading is sexy sculpture - 5206697728
Via reddit

Paper Dragon WIN

art dinosaur dragon origami paper papercraft sculpture - 5226592512
Via My Confined Space

Perspective WIN

art hanging model perspective portrait sculpture - 5256525056
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Wall Sculpture

hacked irl paint sculpture Street Art - 5216903424
By Nessychan

Nut Sculpture WIN

art design hardware metal sculpture - 5586594560
Via Colossal

Hanging the Laundry WIN

art car rainbow sculpture what - 6297887744
Via Colossal

Flower Sculpture WIN

sculpture design parade Flower - 6749371392
Via Colossal

Doppelgangers WIN

bust discovery g rated Hall of Fame model mythbusters nerdgasm science sculpture win - 5764827136
Via Geekfeed

Chicken Wire Bust WIN

art bob marley bust celeb jimi hendrix john lennon sculpture - 5464545280
Via Neatorama