Wood Carving WIN

animals carving detail russia sculpture wood WoW - 5182714112
Via Izismile

Snow Totoro WIN

anime art cartoons cute sculpture snowman totoro - 5702854144
Created by Unknown

Isengard Lego WIN

lego Lord of the Rings model nerdgasm sculpture - 5282272512
Via Neatorama

Hacked IRL: Giant Box Man WIN

box giant hacked irl robot sculpture - 4963031296
Created by geha714

CD Fragment Sculpture WIN

animals art CD g rated Hall of Fame recycle sculpture win - 5850258688
Via Laughing Squid

From Waste to Wonder

sculpture design turtle - 8274045184
Via Colossal


art can sculpture toys - 4168732928
Created by Unknown

Snow Scene WIN

calvin and hobbes g rated monster sculpture snow snowman win winter - 5733068544
Via Supergreat

Sand Sculpture WIN

art design sand sculpture weird yoga - 5617952768
Via Colossal

DJ Squash WIN

pumpkins dj sculpture art halloween - 6659857920
Via ABS Sculpture

LEGO Typewriter WIN

lego nerdgasm retro sculpture typewriter vintage - 5452529408
Via Flavorwire

Predator Sculpture WIN

nerdgasm pop culture Predator sci fi scrap metal sculpture - 5531328256
Via Neatorama

Snow Gremlin WIN

sculpture nerdgasm snowman - 7065016576
Via Obvious Winner

A Battle For the Ages

batman snow nerdgasm sculpture winter - 7017712384
Created by Unknown

Halloween Pumpkin Spooktacular WIN

carving halloween nerdgasm pop culture pumpkins sculpture video game - 5368248832
Via Reddit


carving Hall of Fame nerdgasm pop culture sculpture TMNT watermelon - 5328443392
Via reddit