The Wind Makes This Kinetic Sculpture Come to Life

wind art sculpture design nifty - 8350077184
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metal list art sculpture - 40197

Check Out the Intricate Metal Work of Daisuke Shimodaira!

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Villafane Pumpkins WIN

carving crazy detailed halloween pumpkins sculpture - 5357216256
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Contraption WIN

art balloon contraption sculpture Steampunk tower - 5271801088
By sixonefive72

Dino Sculpture WIN

art dinosaur political sculpture - 5199648768
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Flower Sculpture WIN

sculpture design parade Flower - 6749371392
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Literally Heavy, Literally Metal

art metal sculpture g rated win - 8354348032
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Crayon Fire Sculpture WIN

art crayon installation sculpture - 5311949312
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Pumpkin-geddon WIN

art carving Hall of Fame halloween holiday nerdgasm pop culture pumpkins sculpture video games - 5324595200
By torelle

Junk Sculpture WIN

sculpture nerdgasm optimus prime DIY junk - 6819783680
Via The Star

Growing a Car WIN

art cars design growth park sculpture - 6566592256
By Unknown


art can sculpture toys - 4168732928
By Unknown
sculpture design wood Video - 61458433

Ryosuke Ohtake Won't Stop Until He's Carved an Animal You Can't Tell Apart From the Original

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Grumpy Bust WIN

art sculpture Memes Grumpy Cat bust - 6926067968
Via Cubicle Bot

They're Mathematical, but You Can Make Art With Them too

crayon sculptures with incredible details
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I'll Never Get Tired of This Style

sculpture design tires - 8277918976
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