Lawn Decor WIN

art movie reference sculpture tin - 4550429184
By Jazzy811
sculpture design wood Video - 61458433

Ryosuke Ohtake Won't Stop Until He's Carved an Animal You Can't Tell Apart From the Original

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A Battle For the Ages

batman snow nerdgasm sculpture winter - 7017712384
By Unknown

This Sculpture Might Remind You of a Certain Moving Castle

sculpture nerdgasm - 7086013952
Via Hartmut Bösener

Steampunk Insects WIN

art beetle design insect sculpture Steampunk - 5943958016
Via Flavorwire

Contraption WIN

art balloon contraption sculpture Steampunk tower - 5271801088
By sixonefive72

Toothpick Fort WIN

art fort model sculpture toothpick - 5680579328
By danguerra

Sculpture WIN

art deep design sculpture stacking - 6349560832
By Unknown

Snow Sculpture WIN

art snow sculpture winter snow sculpture - 6852414720
By Unknown

Thread Art WIN

thread sculpture installation - 6749368064
Via Laughing Squid

Nature Sculpture WIN

art nature sculpture spider wincation - 6250756864
Via Colossal

Sand Sculpture WIN

art design sand sculpture weird yoga - 5617952768
Via Colossal

Dragon Sculpture WIN

dragon Hall of Fame metal nerdgasm scrap sculpture - 6121020160
By Unknown
science sculpture toy Video - 40464385

Kinetic Lights WIN

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Scrap Metal Ravager WIN

art cars junk nerdgasm pop culture sculpture transformers - 5277814528
Via Neatorama

Lego Sand Sculpture WIN

lego nerdgasm sand sculpture star wars - 5391761152
By Unknown