Rage Faces Sculpture WIN

art comic comics internet Memes memes IRL rage rage faces school sculpture - 5177843456
By Unknown

I'll Never Get Tired of This Style

sculpture design tires - 8277918976
Via Acid Cow

Snow Totoro WIN

anime art cartoons cute sculpture snowman totoro - 5702854144
By Unknown

Light Installation WIN

art sculpture light installation - 7312163584
By Unknown

"Cube"-ism WIN

art digital gallery pixel sculpture - 5077627904
Via Shawn Smith Art

Tire Recycling WIN

design playground recycle repurposed sculpture tire whee - 5440261888
Via Web Ecoist

Ice Man WIN

art business ice newspaper sculpture - 5912360448
By Unknown
carving food fruit sculpture Video watermelon yummy - 25861121

Fruit Carving WIN

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CD Dragon WIN

art CD dragon nerdgasm sculpture - 6352966400
Via Obvious Winner
architecture art China city ice sculpture snow Video winter - 33233409

Ice City WIN

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This Sand Art is Creeping Me Out and Awing Me at the Same Time

art beach design sculpture - 8263289856
Via Guy-Olivier Deveau

Sand Sculpture WIN

art beach g rated sand sand sculpture sculpture trippy weird win - 5645398528
Via Colossal

Ice (Alien) Queen WIN

sculpture nerdgasm alien ice - 7061779200
Via Obvious Winner

Things Get Magical at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

art design garden sculpture - 8197346816
Via Laughing Squid

Snow Bunny WIN

snow man sculpture design cute bunny - 6855204096
Via Reddit
art sculpture design Video - 61911809

Robots Sculpt Faster and Better Than We Could Ever Hope

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