Gym Sign WIN

clever dating gym sign - 6284268800
Via Laughing Squid

Completely Relevant News: Clever Charity WIN

charity clever completely relevant news donations g rated justin bieber money smart win - 5570199552
Created by sparklebella ( Via Huffington Post )

Hacked IRL: Happy Trail

art clever graffiti grass hacked irl lady bits Street Art - 5573971712

Clever Answers WIN

answer clever education response sassy school test - 5522355456

Awareness WIN

clever design g rated ketchup mine psa win - 5574153984

Celebrity Impersonation WIN

best of week celeb clever Hall of Fame impersonation - 6545496832

Hiding Your Delivery WIN

clever delivery hiding package sneaky tires - 6501009408

You're Free!

jail clever graffiti hacked irl - 8349072896
Via Street Art Utopia

Meeting Notice WIN

clever drugs meeting memory note notice pot - 4868144896
Created by perceptual

Minecraft WIN

answer clever minecraft nerdgasm test video game - 5517993472
Created by RobKone

Class Struggle WIN

clever college play on words school - 4509432832
Created by Unknown
clever teeth - 71142145

Dentistry of the Day: Montana Boy Pulls His Own Tooth Out With a Bow & Arrow

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Hop Over WIN

airplane art clever jump perspective photography - 5626276096

Hacked IRL: Trustocorp in L.A.

bench clever hacked irl Street Art - 6636316928
Via The High Definite
clever fox news muppets news sick burn Video - 33048321

Press Conference WIN

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clever life lessons signs truth - 4236039424
Created by Unknown

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