Mailboxes WIN

mailbox clever mail - 7075096576
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art clever snow winter Winter Wonderland - 4216572928
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Banksy's Hungarian Counterpart

art banksy clever graffiti hacked - 4695585280
By Serathis (Via

Advertising the Olympics WIN

chalk sign clever not what it looks like olympics sign - 6479017216
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Challenge Accepted WIN

Challenge Accepted clever sign toilet - 6417345024
By Unknown

Repair Sign WIN

bikes brakes clever sign summertime - 4928709632
By sarfitz

Company Name WIN

air conditioning awesome at work clever cold - 4627829248
By Snake73

License Plate WIN

clever license plate road sports car - 5452526336
By Unknown
clever dancing Hall of Fame music video oh Japan perspective robot Video - 28170497

Synchronized Robot Dancing WIN

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Hacked IRL: Throw a Life Line!

clever cute graffiti hacked irl help - 5939745792
Via Neatorama

Side Effects WIN

clever drugs marijuana warning - 4316854784
By jasonpop

Eating With Your Mouth Full, How Rude...

Via mommajrose3

New Position WIN

Ad advertisement clever sexual - 4287654656
By brunaldo

Clever Choreography WIN

art beyoncé choreography clever dance sculpture statue - 4864755712
Via zeebee

Sling WIN

arm clever graphics injury - 4970485248
By geha714

Door Sign WIN

awesome at work clever signs - 4320868096
By Leesie