Organic WIN

clever dye food label - 5412215808
A collection of comebacks that were too clever for their own good | They think haircuts are un-American Well very observant them because aren't American, actually The Beatles | Boomers: Why are there holes jeans rip those yourself? Gen Z: Why are there holes ozone rip those yourself? Millennials: laughing Leo Dicaprio

Clever Comebacks That Deserve Gold Stars

Plain old nailed it.
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Dumble Door WIN

clever door Harry Potter sharpie - 4531129344
Created by becca82

Hand Giraffe WIN

art clever cute - 4324486912
Created by Unknown ( Via )

Meanwhile in London of the Day: Bluth's Banana Stand is Going On Tour

advertising clever London arrested development - 7439560704
Via Huffington Post

Walking Dog WIN

clever dogs illusion towel walking - 6434290432

Too True WIN

brain bust clever dude parts men relationships statue - 5734321664

Van Gogh Man WIN

art Carnival clever costume design Party Van Gogh - 5902823680

Beating Yourself WIN

clever illusion mirror photography rock paper scissors - 6382965248
Via Reddit

Interactive Art WIN

art clever dragon fire illusion museum - 6514390528
Via Illusion

Clever Shopping Bag Ad WIN

ads clever shopping bags - 4885443328
Created by Snake73

Water Charity WIN

charity clever design water - 6009952512
Via Reddit

Careful WIN

awesome at work clever movie reference - 4402879744
Created by Unknown

Plumbing WIN

business clever plumbing pun - 6391547648

Air Quote Mittens WIN

clever cold design gloves mittens punctuation winter Winter Wonderland - 5390951936
Via Neatorama

Getting Away WIN

clever design flash super heroes - 6121299456
Via pettyartist