Awesome Name WIN

clever delivery food name truck - 4898215936
Created by geeztommy

Cartoon Hotel Room WIN

art cartoons clever design hotel - 5912496128
Via Flavorwire

Brick Arch WIN

brick clever design garden - 5904153856

License Plate WIN

car clever disabled license plate South Park timmy - 5807393792
Via aaronjohns

Class Struggle WIN

clever college play on words school - 4509432832
Created by Unknown

Catching Rays WIN

clever drawing sketch sun - 6538247424
Via Reddit

Tri-Force Pavers WIN

clever homes nerdgams zelda - 4913523456

Shopping Bag Ad WIN

ads clever exercise shopping bags - 4885440256
Created by Snake73

Too Ugly WIN

clever homeless homeless sign homeless signs - 4369620480
Created by Unknown

That's Some Clever Advertising

advertisement clever design shaving funny - 7771095808

Toilet Paper Name WIN

clever name poop toilet paper - 4968609536
Created by BennyMadman

Tricky View WIN

clever design Gravity illusion perspective sorcery - 5806712064
clever comedy hidden camera prank push the button Video - 35236097

The Button Prank WIN

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Clever Mother, But Don't Forget to Hide the Ethernet Cables

win clever mother makes kid do chores for wifi passwrod
Via Aatrox94
cereal clever Lord of the Rings nerdgasm parody Video - 38227713

LotR Cereal WIN

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License Plate WIN

cars clever license plate sexual innuendo size - 4800423936
Created by ap_empress

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