Credit Card Reply WIN

art clever cute letter trolling - 4658571776
Created by Unknown

WIN!: Solving a Maze WIN

cheating clever g rated game Hall of Fame maze parkour win - 6095798272
Created by Unknown

Never Start a Beef With a Sign-Making Company. They Learned the Hard Way.

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Alien Autopsy Cake WIN

Aliens cake clever food - 4799246080
Created by sixonefive72

Because Who Doesn't Love More Delicious Curry?

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Hacked IRL: The First Step Sonata

art clever hacked Music piano - 4630903296
Created by sixonefive72

Creative Food WIN

clever design food food art godzilla g rated win - 5645872384
Created by Unknown

Bank WIN

bank clever store name - 4324476416
Created by Unknown

Breaking Stereotypes WIN

basketball clever sign sports stereotypes - 5868796672
Created by Unknown

Literary Street Art WIN

clever graffiti literature poem Street Art tag - 5742389248
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Too True WIN

brain bust clever dude parts men relationships statue - 5734321664
Created by Unknown

Shampoo Ad WIN

advertising awesome at work clever - 4605541376
Created by Snake73

TP Design WIN

bathroom clever design toilet paper - 6348901120
Via Laughing Squid

Clever Cheating WIN

camera cheating clever education school test - 5604455168
Created by Unknown

Teamwork WIN

ATM only in russia clever teamwork - 6824474880
Created by Unknown

Hacked IRL: Banksy's Hungarian Counterpart

art banksy clever graffiti hacked - 4695585280
Created by Serathis ( Via )