Cornering the Market WIN

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By Silent Rip

Never Lose Your Keys Again!

clever keys pro tip life hacks - 8421309184
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CLASSIC: Simpsons Ad WIN

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By Unknown

Warning WIN

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By Unknown

Make the Most of Your Baldness!

clever tattoos g rated win - 8346804480
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Haven't Seen Him WIN

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By sixonefive72

A Clever, Ingenious, Witty, Sly Way of Selling a Thesaurus

clever craigslist for sale - 8340098304
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Church Sign WIN

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By Unknown

Well, That's a Convenient Burnout

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Pub Art WIN

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Perspective WIN

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By Unknown

Novelty Plate WIN

clever - 4763358720
By samichan136136

Phone Directions WIN

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By Unknown

Seen Outside a PC Repair Shop

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Graffitti Exhibitor WIN

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By wilcoxaj

If You Wanted an Easy Way to Netflix While Cooking, Here You Go

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