Cords WIN

bob marley clever - 6814347520
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iPod Engraving WIN

apple britney spears clever ipod Music sexual - 4722639616
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cereal clever Lord of the Rings nerdgasm parody Video - 38227713

LotR Cereal WIN

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Just Like... This One?

clever graffiti hacked irl vandalism - 8233280512
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Why Haven't We Lined Up Like This Before?

clever line g rated win - 7062312960
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clever prank chandelier Video - 68717825

Surprise of the Day: Guy Scares Friend Who Breaks Out Into Sia’s ‘Chandelier’

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Transport of London Has the Most Delicious Tribute to the Snark of Joan Rivers

sign clever - 8310486272
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Plumbing WIN

business clever plumbing pun - 6391547648
Created by Unknown

You Are Now Hearing the "Peanuts" Theme in Your Head

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Maybe Our Friends in the UK Will Get This One Faster

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I Think Two Redditors Just Made a Powerful Connection Here

clever rick roll Reddit - 8250254848
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clever easter island moai national geographic school science Video - 39149057

Walking a Moai WIN

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Hacked IRL: Classic

classic clever hacked irl sign - 4852813056
Created by adklib

Not Flying, but Driving With Style

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Youtube Come-back WIN

burn clever comments joke whoops youtube - 6373542400
Created by Unknown

Two Great Ads That Taste Great Together!

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