clever Music singing sorcery Video - 30010625

Pentatonic Scale WIN

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Door Knob / Fish-Eye Hybrid

art awesome product clever - 4821054720
Created by Unknown

The Best Birthday Card is One You Can Reuse Forever

win clever birthday card lets you reuse it for seemingly forever
Via LincolnsLostSpeach

Time Traveler Error page

Error message for time travelers.
Created by Terra Fletcher ( Via )

Hacked IRL: I Got Ya Buddy

clever graffiti hacked irl Street Art - 6412167680
Via Colossal

Repair Sign WIN

bikes brakes clever sign summertime - 4928709632
Created by sarfitz

Somebody Give This Guy a Snack

clever homeless sign g rated win - 8131661824
Via It Ain't Holy Water

How To Crowd Source An Idea When You're an Independent Person

funny facebook status crowd sourcing yourself
Via dogpetter420

Guitar Prism WIN

clever guitar Music pink floyd prism refraction - 5645877248
Created by Unknown

Anti-Drinking and Driving Ad WIN

ads clever tree - 4849730560
Created by Snake73

Perspective WIN

clever field giant perspective photography - 5796718080
Created by Guilherme.didi

Irony? Zero Turkey Here.

clever Turkey food - 8387108608
Via Bits and Pieces

Billboard WIN

advertisement billboard clever hacked irl funny - 7870618880
Created by Unknown

Zoo Sign WIN

clever signs warning zoo - 4492630528
Created by Unknown

Bench Design WIN

table clever design bench - 6852411648
Created by Unknown

Are You Tough Enough for the Slopes?

sign clever skiing g rated win - 8433677056
Via Acid Cow