Hanging Your Clothes WIN

best of week chair clever design g rated Hall of Fame win - 6438183168
Created by Unknown

Hobo WIN

clever homeless Pirate signs - 4331922432
Created by Mr. Mihai

Seat Saving WIN

clever design fake mess save spill - 5336453888
Created by Unknown

Hacked IRL: Nothing Can Satiate His Hunger

art cars clever hacked monster - 4771635200
Via The Existential Penguin

Stop Staring WIN

awesome at work clever money sexual tips - 4480940032
Created by FlashpointDFW

Hiding Your Delivery WIN

clever delivery hiding package sneaky tires - 6501009408
Created by Unknown

Recursion WIN

clever doodle drawing escher Inception recursion sketch - 5473120000
Created by Unknown

Because Who Doesn't Love More Delicious Curry?

Via Acid Cow
clever prank Video - 47265025

Is This Prank a Bit TOO Literal?

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Hacked IRL: Turns Out They're Related

Bathroom Graffiti celeb clever FRIDAY g rated hacked irl Harry Potter Rebecca Black win - 5573110528
Created by Unknown

Bus Ad WIN

Ad advertisement bus clever illusion weight - 6479021056
Created by Unknown

Encyclopedia of WIN

books clever reference - 4473004032
Created by Regenbald
automatic bed chores clever design robot Video - 38673665

Automatic Bed WIN

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This Should Make for Some Awkward Bathroom Talk

clever design funny - 7668405504
Created by Unknown

Rain WIN

bewbs billboard clever rain sign - 6048830720
Created by Unknown

Hacked IRL: Ponder That For a Moment

clever deep thoughts graffiti hacked irl Street Art - 6250401536
Via Flavorwire

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