Yearbook Buddies WIN

clever friends school yearbook - 6241094912
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Halloween Costume WIN

best of week clever costume creepy Hall of Fame halloween pregnant - 6592991744
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That's the Spirit, Rennie

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Company Name WIN

air conditioning awesome at work clever cold - 4627829248
Created by Snake73

18 Ways This List is a Paradox

paradox list clever - 8377195008
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Close Enough WIN

clever open sign - 6568894464
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Self Aware WIN

clever decorations doormat - 4823374336
Augmented reality camera clever special effects Video virtual reality - 28884993

Augmented Reality WIN

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Shadow Crisis WIN

art clever design pipes shadow - 5976502016
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clever life lessons signs truth - 4236039424
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Parking Revenge WIN

clever douchebag parkers justice parking revenge - 6138320128
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Succinct WIN

clever Death grave life morbid tombstone - 5244071936
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What Do You Do With a Blue Christmas Tree? Cookie Monster it!

christmas christmas tree clever decoration - 8408742400
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This is Some Not-So-Subtle Beer Commentary

bar beer clever bathroom - 7154081280
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Clever Packaging WIN

clever convenient design food packaging - 5160586496
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Some People Have it All Figured Out

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