Hacked IRL: Monkey Business

art clever garbage hacked - 4331105792
Created by Unknown
art blind BAMF Video - 70134529

How a Blind Artist Learned to Master His Craft

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Tree Illusion WIN

art horizon mother nature ftw nature perspective trees - 5509403136
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Sand Drawing WIN

art beach design sand - 5157635072
Created by Sophie

Hundreds of Copper Arrows Point Right at You in This Cool Art Installation

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A Bit Flashy, But Who Doesn't Love the Colors?

art table design pretty colors - 7433208576
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Who Even Wants to Eat Pancakes That Look This Good?

art design pancakes food - 8313194752
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Just Goes to Show That Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now

Even a Hogwarts Degree Doesn't Mean that Much Now
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Etch-A-Sketch Art WIN

art Etch A Sketch skills toys van-goghs-starry-night - 4778646272
Created by stix'd

Banana Art WIN

art banana design food fruit - 6592450816
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art awesome photography - 4216066560
Created by sixonefive72

Hanging Rocks WIN

art design installation rocks weird - 6253881088
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Okay, Who's Going to Untie This Table

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Tape Art WIN

art decoration floor tape - 6284760320
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Match Art WIN

art fire spider Kill It With Fire match - 6843564032
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Light Bulb WIN

art beach clever light bulb perspective photography sun - 5527484672
Created by Unknown