Recycled Sculpture WIN

art recycle sculpture - 5949259776
Via Colossal

A Minimal Version of an Iconic Family

art design the simpsons - 7093896704
Created by Unknown

Fire Drawing WIN

art candle composite fire portrait - 5801864960
Via NattyFTW

Wire Sculpture WIN

art design portrait - 5818484736
Via Fubiz

Porcelain WIN

art craft sculpture skull - 5117855744
Via Dudecraft

Sculpture WIN

art deep design sculpture stacking - 6349560832
Created by Unknown

Dew the Dew, Artistically

bottle art design - 8393409280
Via gianized
art flipbook nerdgasm sonic sonic the hedgehog Video video games - 20153857

Flipbook WIN

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cat graffiti around the world

Cat Graffiti Is a Thing And Here Are Some Cool Examples From Around The World

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Ice Tiger WIN

art tiger ice ice sculpture g rated win - 6894552832
Created by Unknown
art sculpture mind blown design paper Video - 47337729

Paper Sculpture WIN

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Typewriter Repurpose WIN

art typewriter - 5072976896
Via jemayer

Tetris-Style Stackable Art

art design tetris - 8123202560
Via Neatorama

Beverage Adivce WIN

alcohol art booze coffee wall - 4987318016
Created by Unknown

Stacking WIN

art balance design stacking - 7566351104
Created by Unknown

Light Skeletons WIN

art camera exposure time light painting photography - 6000529920
Via Colossal