Splash of Rose WIN

art photography pretty colors rose splash water - 5596737024
Via Laughing Squid

Hacked IRL: Street Art Two-for-One

art double graffiti hacked irl perspective Street Art - 5554623744
Via Web Urbanist

Hipster Trap WIN

art beer brooklyn hipsters nyc trap - 4552885760

World in a Tin WIN

art craft tin tiny - 5411262464
By lollerderby (Via Flavorwire)

3D Street Art WIN

3d art detail gallery graffiti Street Art - 5270599680
Via Flavorwire

Hacked IRL: Making Paper

art bill hacked irl money Street Art - 5526999296
Via Laughing Squid

BIC Portrait WIN

art best of week Hall of Fame pen portrait pretty colors what - 6532262144
Via Colossal

Mechanical Songbird WIN

animal art bird Hall of Fame mechanical sculpture Steampunk - 5379552000
Via Dudecraft

ROFLrazzi: Heath Ledger's Joker Made Entirely of Skittles

actor art batman celeb cool the dark knight the joker - 6497043712
Via Reddit

Painted Cake WIN

art cakes decoration design dessert food noms om nom nom Painted tasty - 5531337984
Via Neatorama


art awesome hacked irl tetris video games window - 4643219968
By Unknown

Hand Art WIN

art body paint nerdgasm batman painting funny - 7712746752
Via Illusion

4000 Pieces of Metal Make for One Rad Lion Sculpture

metal art design lion - 8007528704
Via Colossal
art list Drake coloring - 714501

Now You Can Color in This Drake Themed Coloring Book While You're Waiting for Late Night Calls

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Under Pressure WIN

architecture art design stress - 5710520064
Via Hey I'm Jack

Light Art WIN

art light art design exposure time - 7821602560
By Unknown
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