Flora and Fauna at the 2013 Mosaicultures Internationales de Montréal

gardening art design funny - 7646158592
Via Colossal

Light Bulb WIN

art beach clever light bulb perspective photography sun - 5527484672
Created by Unknown

Satellite Collection WIN

art gallery google maps satellite - 5081515008
Via Jenny Odell's Home Page

A Driftwood Giraffe

art design beach wood giraffes - 8132793088
Via Jeff Rouitto

Bed Photography WIN

art bed covers design dreams furniture photography - 5308000000

A Look Inside WIN

Street Art art design graffiti hacked irl - 6752307712

Narrative Art WIN

art awesome at work janitor jobs swear - 4412264448
Created by Unknown
art awesome hacked irl Illusions Michael sidewalk Video walking - 21016065

Hacked IRL: Mind Your Step WIN

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Watermelon Carving WIN

art carving food skills summer time watermelon - 4807688192
Created by donsjeathead

I Was Just Drawn That Way

art perspective funny illusion win - 7710326528
Created by Unknown

Everybody Walk the Dinosaur WIN

art dinosaur sculpture wait what weird - 5869888256
Via ChainsawMLT

Terrifyingly Cool Chainsaw Art

chainsaw art carving g rated win - 8357413888
Via Chris Foltz

Knitted Skeleton WIN

art Knitta Please knitting skeleton - 4780620032
Via Ben Cuevas

Hacked IRL: Street Art Two-for-One

art double graffiti hacked irl perspective Street Art - 5554623744
Via Web Urbanist
creations that are skillfully made but weird and bad taste | road map carpet inside a car | porta potties stacked on top of each other and wrapped in Christmas lights

Impressive Creations Of Questionable Taste

Yeah, no, it's uh... good.
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drawing art talented barack obama Video win - 73677057

This Talented Foot Can Draw Barack Obama Better Than Most People Could With Their Hand

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