Who's Got a Segway, a Phone, and Doesn't Give a Crap? That Guy.

IDGAF segway - 7994533632
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mind blown backwards Video - 68121089

None of This Video is Being Played Backwards

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backflip flip skateboard skating stunt Video - 34881793

Skateboard Backflip WIN

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random act of kindness arcade Video g rated win - 69565185

Play Arcade Games, Give Charity Money At This Swedish Airport

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vine sink Video oddly satisfying - 68448769

Quick, Shields Up Around the Milk!

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Donation WIN

busking Lord of the Rings homeless nerdgasm classic - 6790393088
By Meqad
competition cars tires Video oh Japan g rated win - 48272897

Have Some Fun Watching This Tire-Rolling Competition

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A British Teen Helped Out a "Weird" Artist Who Dropped His Supplies. Turns Out That Guy Was Banksy.

random act of kindness banksy hacked irl - 8425097472
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Customer Service WIN

nails sign - 4696520960

How to Park Your Bike

gifs bikes How To funny win - 7604237824
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biking driving justice litter street justice trash Video - 35984897

Trash Revenge WIN

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star wars Video - 70764033

Portland's Most Lovable Weirdo Celebrates May the 4th With His Bagpipes

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random act of kindness accident restoring faith in humanity week Video win - 66342913

A Whole Crowd of Heroes Helps This Woman When She Gets Struck by a Car

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pop culture Star Trek - 3684021504
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Giant Treehouse WIN

awesome deisgn giant house nature treehouse trees - 4853573888
By sixonefive72

CLASSIC: Taunting Sodomites WIN

classic counter-protest lgbtq Protest - 6508268032
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