chess BAMF Video g  rated win - 71463681

Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Defeats Three Opponents Simultaneously... While Blindfolded

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tweets about dogs on a roof

Mom Live-Tweeting About Dogs Throwing Crazy Rager On a Roof Just Won 2017

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Nutrition Facts WIN

Badass hot sauce Neil deGrasse Tyson - 6234081024
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Optics WIN

refraction physics pool - 7112579072
By Unknown
Canada list potato wedding dating - 967173

Canadian Couple Added a Special Guest to Their Wedding to To Keep Things Crisp

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Bookshelf Design WIN

american book book shelf design furniture - 4805447424
By Unknown

Old School Tranpostation Hack WIN

gifs mass transit - 4768105984
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: That's Worth More Than The Diploma

education grafitti hacked irl p33n - 4921104384
By Unknown

Just Don't Hit Rock Bottom in Jail

clever puns rock paper scissors police - 8811136768
Via drkangel762

Star Trek Mobile WIN

craft DIY mobile nerdgasm Star Trek - 6345921792
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Break the Internet, Kim Kardashisnow

snow kim kardashian winter snowman - 8417165056

Take That, Society WIN

bike breaking the law rebel the bird - 6051328000
By drquesadilla (Via Dr. Qart)
furniture cars DIY Video - 51174657

The La-Z-Boy That Isn't so Lazy

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excavator DIY construction Video g rated win - 59453697

When the Going Gets Tough, Excavate!

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phones hotline bling Video - 75641345

Hotline Bling on Actual Phones is My Jam of the Day

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Warning WIN

warning sign g rated win - 7014010112
By Unknown