Some People Were Born to Inflate

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Snow Sculpture WIN

snow winter snow sculpture horses - 6973064192
Created by Fauxpaws
star wars Theme Song - 73914369

This Ship Blows Star Wars

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baseball Video sports Kickass Kids g rated win - 60343041

This is the Reaction of a Real Baseball Fan

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Nice "Loss Prevention Expert" You Have There

liam neeson restaurant sign warning g rated win - 8372394240
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Music eminem cover Video - 74181377

This Two Man, One Guitar Cover of The Real Slim Shady is Flawless

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pretty colors science Music Video g rated win - 64659713

Magnets and Metal Filings Make This Sculpture a Real-Life Music Visualizer

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3D printer carving DIY gadget lego modification nerdgasm printer sculpture Video - 25443585

Lego Sculptor WIN

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Perspective WIN

art photography wtf - 4332972288
Created by sixonefive72

Sand Sculpture WIN

sand sculpture design beach sand - 6962350848
Music Video ukulele WIN!< g rated - 62204929

Let This Ukulele Player Show You How to Turn One Instrument Into an Entire Band

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Park Visitor WIN

animals park photo op pigeon - 6322187776
blind darts Video - 65505281

How Does the Blind Darts Team Practice? With Beers, Like Any Other Darts Team.

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Someone Just Found the Real-Life Severus Snape

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pizza is magical - 4475241216
Created by SR1977

Coffee Table WIN

furniture coffee table design nerdgasm - 6975377408
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