hip hop rap - 58667009

Watch Rapper Mac Lethal Rap a Song of 449 Words in 113 Seconds (That's 4 Words Per Second) in Alphabetical Order

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Guy Draws Comics for a Hobby, Tweets About Loving Overwatch, and Xbox Responds to Him in the Best Way Possible

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Pool Transformation WIN

camouflage design home interior pool swimming - 5154453504
Created by sixonefive72
wendys twitter

Wendy's Grills Unsatisfied Customer to Such an Extent, He Goes and Deletes His Twitter Account

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Droid Leg Lamp WIN

star wars nerdgasm A Christmas Story g rated win - 6915806976
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McDonald's - 3924020736

Beard Removal WIN

beard movember facial hair - 6729797120
Created by Solidus6000

This Could Have Been a Terrific FAIL

gif funny skating - 7777314816
completely relevant news news reunion twins g rated win - 58510337

Years Later, Adopted Twins Find Each Other Totally by Chance

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Definitely a Secret Hidden Behind That Wall

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BAMF dubstep techno trailers Video - 24454657

Dubstep WIN

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It's a Bit Less Nutty in Person

landscape mother nature ftw - 8263291136
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Game of Thrones Video - 80619009

This Metal Drummer Totally Nails the Game of Thrones Intro

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Thanks For the Reminder, Tag

fashion clothing tag g rated win - 7643596544
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Superhero Cookies WIN

batman cookies dessert food noms super heroes - 5564980736
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commercial Super Nintendo Video win - 82225921

Paul Rudd Never Ages and This 1991 Super Nintendo Commercial Proves it

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