Sticker WIN

bicycles clever hipsters stickers - 4965700096
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Jerk of the Day: Passenger Leaves Rude Note For Female Pilot, but Her Response is PERFECT

monday thru friday sexism work note - 8093457920
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Triforce Necklace WIN

Bling design legend of zelda necklace nerdgasm - 6586087936
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Fan of the Day: Ohio State Fanatics Map Out the Best Route to Victory

Ohio state football fans walk 19 miles to spell out the state.
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dogs with flower crowns that make the music festival Coachella

These Flower Crown Wearing Dogs are Ready for Music Festival Season

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Don't Mind The Help, His Last Job Exploded

star wars nerdgasm stormtrooper - 6956674560
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This Stop Sign Looks Better Yarn-Bombed

sign stop sign hacked irl yarn bombing - 7094113280
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Funny photoshop trolls from james fridman

19 Epic Photoshop Trolls From The Legendary James Fridman

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christmas Video restoring faith in humanity week uproxx g rated win - 57174017

A Dying Wife Made a Christmas Wish to Her Widower, and Two Years Later it's Beautifully Fulfilled

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DIY Barbarque WIN

bbq chairs DIY food summer time - 4805479680
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Comfy Chair WIN

chair comfy Forest mother nature ftw photography tree - 5527589120
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Pool Closure WIN

drawing pools signs - 4777859072
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Music cover celeb Video - 65066497

Here's the BBC's Ridiculously Star-Studded Cover of "God Only Knows"

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Warning WIN

Canada warning coffee funny - 7486338048
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Swallow Them Whole!

animals stop sign - 4049536256
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videos - 55120897

This is Quite Possibly the Best Way to Let Your Boss Know You're Quitting

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