Ugliest Tattoos


Seems Like a Lot of Space Between The Ribs

anatomy wtf tattoos funny - 4380050176
Created by Unknown

The Ugly Truth

wtf tattoos funny - 7621823744
Created by Kyaira

That Arm is Like Your Life

bad wtf tattoos - 4321230080
Created by Unknown

First Your Brother, and Now a Robot?

dating movies star wars wtf - 6098431488
Created by Valanaz ( Via )

At Least They'll Be Happy

wtf tattoos misspelling funny - 7354747136
Created by Unknown

Permanent Hickey

wtf - 5047113472
Created by Renee ( Via )

Life Gets Complicated When You Dance

dancing wtf tattoos flowers snakes - 4288089088
Created by Unknown

I'm Going Blind Now, But Don't I Look Great?

body modification wtf - 6610206208
Created by Unknown

And I Thought I Was Julia Robert's Biggest Fan

wtf julia roberts tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7788360192
Created by Unknown

Jesus Pig

wtf jesus christ tattoos pig - 7812908544
Created by Unknown

Because When You Think Canada, You Think Bullet Holes

bad Canada wtf tattoos bullets funny - 7616028928
Created by Simone

A Mutant Giraffe Named Stephanie

elephants giraffes wtf tattoos - 4340593408
Created by Valerie

In Memory of My Thirteenth Birthday

texas weird wtf - 5052943360
Created by Tara contreras

The Family Doctor Laid to Rest

wtf tattoos - 7943624704
Created by onyxmoon000

The Only Record of The Ancient Squirrel Monarchy That Existed Aeons Ago

wtf tattoos funny - 4540633600
Created by hilarylamb ( Via Eff Yeah Tattoos )

Ed Hardy Toy Story

wtf toy story funny - 4490549760
Created by Holly C.
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