Ugliest Tattoos


It Means "Satan's Love Child"

engrish Hall of Fame text wtf - 6095710976
Via The Telegraph

Bossy Chest

wtf text tattoos - 4355206144
Created by Unknown

Must Be An Allergic Reaction To Bad Music

back Music weird wtf - 6062625024
Created by why_on_earth

Pretty Good Tattoo If This Dog Was Supposed to Be Shaking Itself Dry

dogs wtf tattoos - 4289488640

They Used to Make Sticker Albums for That

hello kitty wtf - 5025620736
Created by dasbee27

Sippery When Wet

wtf text tattoos funny - 4606460672
Created by Unknown

Cry All The Time

wtf tattoos funny - 7479309056

It Was Bound To Happen

chinese person with a tattoo of a random english word
Created by Unknown

The Ankle Boogie Man

ankles wtf monster tattoos - 7954811648
Created by Unknown

That Banana Knows No Law

wtf tattoos funny - 7702497024
Created by Unknown


cursive writing wtf - 6104357120
Created by Nony

Brass Up

brass knuckles wtf tattoos - 4360598528
Created by Unknown

Gotta Go Fast

wtf tattoos sonic - 4353241600
Created by Unknown

Anatomy. How Does It Work?

anatomy g rated Ugliest Tattoos weird wtf - 5082255616
Created by The Bandit ( Via Lucky Dog Tattoos )

Is That Sheep Shagging That Wolf?

wolves wtf tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4486738432

You Goat To Get This Tattoo

funny goats wtf - 4391397376
Created by biglittleian