Ugliest Tattoos


This Tattoo is a Monster

monster wtf tattoos - 4300009472

Why is Your Skin Yellow?

wtf gross teeth tattoos funny - 4459172352
Created by Frango182

Sorry, I'd Just Be Crying If That Was On Me

wtf tattoos - 4316483840

Jamily Is a Nice Name To Use as a Tramp Stamp

wtf tattoos tramp stamps names - 7956948480
Created by beernbiccies

Lady Gaga is a Dirty Clown?

wtf tattoos lady gaga funny - 4428598784

Computerised Facial Eeconstruction 90% Complete

face wtf tattoos funny - 7746652672
Created by beernbiccies

Lord of The Dragonflies

bad wtf tattoos funny - 4371623680

Keep Your Third Eye on The Prize

wtf pyramids tattoos funny - 7477280000
Created by Secret Admirer

All Hail Chief Listerine!!

wtf tattoos funny - 7779729920
Created by Unknown

You Glorious Butterfly

wtf tattoos funny - 4393817856
Created by Unknown

My Past is Checkered

wtf tattoos face tattoos - 4275263488

Worst Portrait Ever

wtf portraits tattoos funny - 4513016320
Created by h4xorz

Good thing it's an Innie, not an Outie!

wtf tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7746630912
Created by beernbiccies

Tinkerbell Before Post Production

wtf fairies tattoos tinkerbell funny - 7687816192
Created by JV

Not a Crime

wtf funny - 4481736704
Created by Papisanchez

No Regrets

wtf tattoos funny - 4552477440
Created by gees ( Via Reddit )

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