Ugliest Tattoos


It Was Bound To Happen

chinese person with a tattoo of a random english word

Steam Punk'd

wtf - 5077315072

What's Happening Here?

wtf tattoos sharks funny - 4700520704
Created by Unknown

Say What?!

wtf text tattoos funny - 4651199744

Nice Eyes!

bad lions wtf tattoos - 4291315200
Created by Lindsay Snow

He Probably Has Some Joker Merchandise At Home

wtf joker tattoos batman - 8003252224
Created by Unknown

Does That Octopus Have a Dream Catcher in It Mouth?

wtf tramp stamp tattoos octopus funny - 4420689664

An Assortment of Questionable Characters

bad wtf tattoos - 7939967744
Via Weird Creep

Is Your Baby a Juggalo?

bad wtf kids portraits tattoos - 7959287296
Created by josh

What a Beautiful Boy

bad wtf kids portraits tattoos funny - 4381331456
Created by gizmo42006

Trailer Trash at its finest!

wtf butts tattoos funny - 4481270016
Created by Iloverap8

First Off, Her Foot is Backwards

bad wtf tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7579559424
Created by Emily

It Is a Work of Art

wtf art tattoos funny faces - 4748922880

At First I Thought This Was a Scone

feet funny wtf tattoos - 7920277504

Leo Daniel Was a Lion

lions wtf tattoos funny - 4777137664

A True Beauty

texas wtf tattoos - 4329492736
Created by jesykas

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