Ugliest Tattoos


Pray That Middle Finger Nail Regrows

bad wtf hands tattoos prayer funny - 7705109504
By Unknown

Do You Have the Missing Half to This Amulet?

wtf tattoos yin yang funny - 7775609088
By Unknown

Identification Tattoo

wtf tattoos funny - 7876517120
By beernbiccies

McNugget Vengeance

wtf tattoos chickens funny - 4486995456
By Unknown

Yarr, What Happened to Her Arm?

wtf tattoos pirates funny - 7787432192
By Unknown

About to Run a Toy Train

bad wtf tattoos - 4367395072
By Unknown

All Hail Chief Listerine!!

wtf tattoos funny - 7779729920
By Tony F.

Branded For Life

wtf logos mountain dew funny - 4546008832
By noxbeatz


wtf text tattoos g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 4289340928
By PrincessEmmy

Billions Served

wtf McDonald's tattoos funny - 7720066048
By Unknown

An Alien Uterus?

wtf tattoos - 4337434880
By Unknown

Nothing About This Tattoo Invites Me In

funny warning wtf tattoos text - 4388672256
By Unknown

At First I Thought This Was a Scone

feet funny wtf tattoos - 7920277504
By Unknown

Resist It

bad wtf tattoos - 4343666176

This Horse is Made of Beef Jerky

wtf tattoos horses funny - 4583075328
By Unknown

Stan? STAN? What's Happened to My Face?

mustache wtf tounge - 6710717696
By Unknown