Ugliest Tattoos


Worst Portrait Ever

wtf portraits tattoos funny - 4513016320
Created by h4xorz

All True

wtf tattoos - 8017115136
Created by Unknown

Feels Like Thats How a Lot of War Starts, Though

wtf text tattoos - 4325462016
Created by kieyalyn

A Forehead Full of Ice Cream Skull Cones

wtf tattoos face tats funny - 7909295360
Created by charles_n_charge

Consider It Done

wtf FAIL tattoos funny - 4749082880
Created by Unknown

This Tattoo is a Monster

monster wtf tattoos - 4300009472
Created by Unknown

Oh, Are You Positive?

wtf Blood tattoos funny - 4606682112
Created by Unknown

First Off, Her Foot is Backwards

bad wtf tattoos funny g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 7579559424
Created by Unknown

What a Shady Looking Child

bad wtf tattoos portrait funny - 7816931840
Created by Carlos

Jack Skellington Plus Blink 182

christmas wtf tattoos blink 182 - 4328495616
Created by Unknown

Keep Your Third Eye on The Prize

wtf pyramids tattoos funny - 7477280000
Created by Unknown

Jamily Is a Nice Name To Use as a Tramp Stamp

wtf tattoos tramp stamps names - 7956948480
Created by beernbiccies

Mistakes Were Made

dogs face tattoos wtf - 6612041216
Created by Unknown

This Zelda Game is Going to Be Incredible on The Nintendo Wii-U4K 6DS

wtf Videogames tattoos zelda - 4285655296
Created by Unknown

Trailer Trash at its finest!

wtf butts tattoos funny - 4481270016
Created by Iloverap8

Airport Security is Going to Have to X-Ray Her Legs

guns funny wtf tattoos - 7889086720
Created by beernbiccies