Ugliest Tattoos


Do You Have the Missing Half to This Amulet?

wtf tattoos yin yang funny - 7775609088
By Unknown

It Was Bound To Happen

chinese person with a tattoo of a random english word
By Unknown

My Past is Checkered

wtf tattoos face tattoos - 4275263488
By Unknown

On The Other Side of His Back is His Live Journal Address

twitter wtf tattoos funny - 4432674048
By Unknown

Mutant Sheep Herder

wtf tattoos - 4285561344

Computerised Facial Eeconstruction 90% Complete

face wtf tattoos funny - 7746652672
By beernbiccies

And My Face is a Trout Mask Replica

wtf tattoos - 4284948992
Via Beefheart

What? Like That Never Happens to You

demons funny wtf tattoos toilets Ugliest Tattoos - 4387365632
By milty

I Don't Want to go to There

chest piece words wtf - 5047071232
By Renee (Via

One Bad Shroom

wtf tattoos funny Mushrooms Ugliest Tattoos - 4391966208
By Chrissy

Dad is Proud

funny wtf tattoos - 4380512000
By Macky

A Gloriously Horrid Portrait

bad wtf tattoos portrait funny - 4735777792
By Jason

Party Monster

clowns wtf tattoos cupcakes - 4352497408
By Electrichaze

Wow, a Huge Unreadable Quote All Along Your Body!

quotes wtf tattoos funny - 7563586816

There's a Few Unanswered Questions Here

underwear wtf tattoos - 4353496832
By Unknown

Mommy's Lil Mistakes

regrets bad wtf text angels tattoos funny - 7621646592
By Shesomeoneso