Ugliest Tattoos

Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

Nostalgia: You're Doing It Wrong. So, so wrong.

confederate flag Hall of Fame - 5780335104

Match Made in Heaven

Bronies g rated Hall of Fame my little pony Ugliest Tattoos wolverine x men - 6153039360
By _AfterDarkness_

And the Award for Worst Tattoo Ever Goes To...

baby g rated Hall of Fame justin bieber ugliest tattoo - 5387389440
By geha714

File Under "Worst Nickname Ever"

Hall of Fame tramp stamps - 5772287744
By seanny

All the Money Symbols on His Face Must Mean He's Rich

face tattoos Hall of Fame - 5916604672
By Unknown

Please Tell Me That's Just Glitter Paint

arm tattoos Hall of Fame stars - 6402105600
By amigovirgen

I'm Pretty Sure He Wouldn't Do That!

Hall of Fame human centipede jesus Ugliest Tattoos - 6150472448
By Unknown


Hall of Fame - 5108767488
By mcbunzo

Little Red Riding Hood Has Come for Your Soul

Hall of Fame zombie - 5911348736
By Jamison Harvey

Man, Overboard

face tattoos Hall of Fame piercings Ugliest Tattoos - 6205909248
By Unknown

Lady and the Tramp Stamp

Hall of Fame tramp stamp - 5301618432
By Fbbcb1122

Tattoo WIN: The Only Time a Tattoo of a Plumber is Cool

Hall of Fame mario super mario brothers tattoo WIN - 5809946880
By Maxpowaa (Via Photo Blip)


food Hall of Fame - 3360224768
By Unknown

Well You're Half Right.

Hall of Fame - 5908512512
By Metalchick0731


back pieces drugs food Hall of Fame lipstick my little pony names poor execution tools and household appliances tramp stamps words - 4657381120
By Mgypsy23

Aristocat WIN!

cat g rated Hall of Fame monocle top hat Ugliest Tattoos win - 6359470592
Via Reddit
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