There, I Fixed It

Hall of Fame

The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

Natural Emissions

cars Hall of Fame stove volvo wtf - 5812536320

Damn, I Grabbed The Wrong Screwdriver

Hall of Fame ladder Professional At Work safety first scary wtf - 5159921408
Via Total Eye

Oh Hub Cap Tree, Oh Hup Cap Tree

christmas christmas tree DIY dual use g rated Hall of Fame there I fixed it - 5586168576
Via Neatorama

Because Why Not

batteries clever DIY gifs g rated Hall of Fame not a kludge there I fixed it wtf - 5559463168
Created by Unknown

Historical Thursday: Sokushinbutsu - The Art of Self-Mummification

Historical Thursday Hall of Fame - 5335965184
Created by Unknown

The Thief Will Be So Unsafe!

DIY g rated Hall of Fame helmet lock motorbike motorcycle safety security there I fixed it - 3683473408
Created by Unknown

What? I Grounded it to Earth!

Hall of Fame - 5875894016
Created by farmboss

Impress All The Hipsters & Fool All The Thieves

clever g rated Hall of Fame hidden ipod there I fixed it - 5873024512
Created by Unknown

This Is What Happens If You Keep Leaving The Seat Up

bathroom kludge Hall of Fame toilet zip ties - 5345106944
Created by Grace0811

Those Second Trimester Cravings Are Hard To Contain

can opener food Hall of Fame - 5482233088
Created by Unknown

Mac OS: House Cat

Hall of Fame - 6045608448
Created by Unknown

You Don't Get Much More Secure Than This

bicycle bike Hall of Fame lock locked up security - 5307237376
Created by Unknown

A Metaphor for our Television Addiction

chain g rated Hall of Fame overkill remote security television there I fixed it - 5792350976
Created by Casey

Sittin' Around The Ol' Camp Fire

Hall of Fame toilet - 5916667904
Created by Unknown


Hall of Fame slide stairs win - 3454375936
Created by Unknown

Mad Science Monday: Almost as Good as a Bionic Arm

DIY Hall of Fame Mad Science Monday neat - 5863175936
Created by Meatpuppet
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