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The hall of fame - the pinnacle of achievement in whatever sport or activity you might participate in, even Tiddly Winks.

TIFI WIN: French Man Stranded in the Moroccan Desert Remodels His Own Car Into a Motorcycle, Becomes Eternal Badass

g rated Hall of Fame there I fixed it tifi win - 6393305088
Created by Haunebu ( Via The Daily Mail )
g rated Hall of Fame not a kludge rube goldberg there I fixed it Video YT video - 31913985

Modern Day Rube Goldberg

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Man Builds a Homemade AK-47 Out of an Old Shovel

russia g rated there I fixed it Hall of Fame best of week - 6823675648
Via Neatorama

Cold As Ice

dual use fan Hall of Fame - 5023408128
Created by Unknown
apple products funny Hall of Fame not a kludge poll Video - 27812609

You Don't Have To Be a Genius To Fix Macs

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g rated guns Hall of Fame lego legos there I fixed it Video weapons YT video - 37778433

If You Thought Stepping on Legos Was Fatal...

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Mad Troll Science Monday: I Think Even PETA Will Approve

animals g rated Hall of Fame Mad Science Monday there I fixed it - 5697429248
Created by dlasselle.3.14159

A Flatscreen Wouldn't Look as Manly

Hall of Fame - 5873030144
Created by Unknown

I've Heard of Sleeping With a Gun Under Your Pillow

bed g rated guns Hall of Fame Pillow there I fixed it - 6099942144
Via Neatorama

Homestyle Cooking

cooking fireplace Hall of Fame spit - 4372534016
Created by Unknown

Problem, Officer?

bath bathtub g rated Hall of Fame motorcycle police there I fixed it - 6173698816
Created by Unknown

It's a Toothbrush! It's a Drinking Fountain!

bathroom bathroom sink drinking fountain Hall of Fame sink toothbrush - 6325196288
Via Amron Experimental

Historical Thursday: Faux Paris

Hall of Fame Historical Thursday - 5495953920
Created by dnafactory

Why Yes, There is an Amusement Park in North Dakota

atv dangerous Hall of Fame winter - 4386062080
Created by Chris

Not-A-Kludge: Now I Want to Lick My Keyboard Even More

computers food Hall of Fame keyboard not a kludge - 4375539968

That Faux Cardboard Is Really Catching On

cardboard cooking Hall of Fame kitchen kludge stove - 5397016576
Created by BigWhiteGuitar
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