Ugliest Tattoos


Just as Long as You Have Arms

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By Unknown

Is That Roseanne?

guns wtf tattoos funny - 7541235968

That is One Big Baby Head

Babies tattoos funny - 4408434432
By Unknown

Inhalers Are Cool

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By Unknown

This Love is Balanced, But Dumb

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By Unknown

At First I Thought This Was a Scone

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By Unknown

Talk About Sucking in Multiple Ways

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By wolverinehunter

Best Tattoo to Remind You of The Importance of Friendship

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By Unknown

I Love The Smell of Sea Water And Regrets In The Morning

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By Unknown

Something is Wrong, I Just Can't Put My Hand On It

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By ikuk├╣

That's An Arm, Dingus

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By Unknown

From my facebook newsfeed..

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By Perry

At Least You Know Not Put Him in Your Mouth

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By Unknown

I'm Just Happy Angels Isn't Spelled "Angles"

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By Unknown

Instructions For Skin Care

instructions tattoos funny - 4743576064
By augustin11

What Can You Say, This Person is Huge Snake Fan

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By Jose