There, I Fixed It


car dogs mod vintage - 2934583296
Created by Unknown

You'll Need This at The End of The Month

dual use frankenstein razor - 5451723520
Created by Unknown


computer doesnt-work-like-that mod - 3386607872
Created by Unknown

It Works, But I Miss Spinning in Circles

office chair zip ties funny there I fixed it stool - 7734031104
Created by Mastu-Basta

Autoshisha Is Locked Down And Ready To Go

cars driving hookah smoking wire - 4633769984
Created by Alexey

Genius Guy is Looking Out for Pedestrians

Cheezburger Image 6824672256
Created by ryalized ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


art awesome Hall of Fame nintendo not a kludge router - 4132765184
Created by Unknown

A Forklift Driver's Retirement Gift

dual use furniture neat pallet - 5493611520
Created by ekinria

Solving An Age-Old Problem

cardboard box clip pencil - 5905781760
Created by poxxero

Good Thing They Invited MacGyver to the Party!

Music speakers clever scotch tape funny - 7455729152
Created by azgli

Caddy Kick-Stand

cars holding it up security - 5491970560
Created by phoenixrising955

It's Gonna Be a Loooong Wash

cars cleaning dual use overkill - 5519417600
Created by hamandcheesecake

The Ultimate Glue Decision Chart

glue graph neat not a kludge - 5444128512
Created by Unknown

Black With Blue Accents

racing stripes convertible soft top blue tape - 6951699456
Created by Unknown

Who needs coals?

coal hookah stove - 6115815168
Created by jenturk

One Reason Not to Upgrade Your Insulation

computer repair cooling laptop winter - 5453032448
Created by tehzpoon
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