There, I Fixed It

Wireless Heater Remote

good idea heater remote wireless - 3816289792
Created by Unknown


Mission Improbable siding steps wait wut - 3356291328
Created by Unknown

Alright, It's Up! You Can Go First..

car repair holding it up safety first trucks - 4841702912
Created by LordJohnson210
How To funny - 52507649

Please Don't Tell TSA About This

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Art of the Day: Street Artist INSA Creates World’s Largest Animated GIF

art gifs design - 8432902400
Via Gif-iti

IBM ThinkDrill, Business Edition

computer repair drill dual use laptop power - 5350317568
Created by Langly

What Is This, a Shower For Ants??

contractor shower - 5636994304
Created by Justin

Meanwhile, In The Israeli Army Canteen

speakers stereo water bottle - 5929210880
Created by Unknown

This Repair Cost About Two Dollars

bicycle bike duct tape there I fixed it - 7722211072
Via realgreghumblr

When Kludging, Swing for the Fences

deck chair lawn chair plastic chair swing swingset - 6261917440
Created by fredloosedirt

It Works For Pants

bikes security there I fixed it - 7992183296
Created by Unknown

Tiny Tim's Bright Ideas

crutches ac - 6795498496
Created by Lahman Ewell

One's Doing Chores, One's Having a Blast

lawn mower overkill teamwork - 4486083584
Created by Unknown

This Car's Ready for Halloween

poorly dressed car halloween - 6656132608
Created by Unknown

Cutting a Circular Hole in the Glass? Nah!

air conditioning plastic bottle recycling suction tube - 6630790656
Created by Nestor

Almost.... There.....

Professional At Work safety first - 5077851136
Created by Unknown
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