There, I Fixed It

Use the Trailer Back There? No Thanks!

couches there I fixed it - 8007485440
Via Izismile

It's Summer! Go Swimming!

computer laptop pool summer swimming - 6500275712
By Unknown

Cheapest Capo Ever

guitars g rated there I fixed it - 7198535936
By pedroabel

All War Really Is...

chess dual use military war weapons - 4860527104
By pedretta (Via

The Owner Will Never Notice The Difference

bicycle cardboard dual use Hall of Fame theft - 5042152704
By Unknown

Make Sure the Seal is Tight

cars plastic wrap funny cardboard there I fixed it - 7734690048
By Järmes

No More Sudden Flushes

bathroom flush toilet urinal - 6508775168
By Unipsychologist

The Fridge Ate My Homework

duct tape locked up refrigerator - 4867034624
By bob

It's a Chevy, Err No Wait it's a GMC!?!?!?

cars - 7323414784
By bloodybrit


abomineering air conditioner foam Kludge windows - 3747458560
By SirLedfoot


Apple product computer stand plunger - 4078778880
By Unknown

There, They Fixed It

notes there I fixed it - 7975171072
Via Dump a Day

You'll Be Able to Hammer Out a Solution

hammer fire extinguisher there I fixed it - 7196966912
By udawg71

Oversize Loads: Road Jenga

g rated junk oversize loads there I fixed it truck van - 6399596800
By Unknown

Replacement Car Grill

cars duct tape package waterproof - 4525679872
By John

Adapter FAIL

dangerous electrical fire electricity power strip tape - 4743006976
By Unknown
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